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Serving South East Saskatchewan and the Russell/Roblin Areas

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Fire Damage

Fire or Smoke Damage Restoration

In the unfortunate event that you experience a fire in your home, you should call Restorex for professional restoration service. It is important that the cleanup begins as soon as possible. Smoke residues are acidic in nature and with time they will cause surfaces to corrode and stain permanently.

Smoke residues that were pressurized during the fire will permeate cracks and crevices of building materials and deposit odor-causing residues.

Restorex provides service professionals who will work quickly to stop the damage and restore your home and contents back to pre-fire condition by using cleaning systems and equipment that will help eliminate costly replacement of restorable items.

Smoke odors can be difficult to remove due to its penetration and absorption into building materials. Restorex service providers have the knowledge, products and equipment to permanently remove these stubborn odors.

Behaviour of smoke

A fire loss is very complex because of the unique behaviour of smoke. It is important to have trained technicians at the loss location.

Types of Smoke

The first step at a fire scene is to calm the fears of those affected. We then test the smoke to see which of the following types of fire took place.